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  • Summer opening hours at the library

    On Monday, June 12, the library will switch to summer opening hours. Opening hours will vary during the summer. During week 28, the library is completely closed due to floor work. Library opening hours12 June–2 July: Monday–Friday 10:00–16:003 July–9 July: Monday–Friday 10:00–14:0010 July–16 July: closed17 July–6 August: Monday–Friday 10:00–14:007 August–20 August: Monday–Friday 10:00–16:0021 August: back to regular opening hours.Opening hours for gro...
  • JMW-salen temporarily closed

    During the month of June, the lighting will be changed and the floor will be treated in the library's JMW hall. This means that the hall is closed from and including 31 May until the end of June. The ...
  • Library ❤️ JU

    Many books and book chapters written by researchers at Jönköping University are published every year. Since the library likes books from JU researchers a little extra, we are now highlighting some of ...

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