When you cite previous research, you increase your credibility. It is crucial to provide a reference to the source of any information that is not your own. There are various citation styles, but APA is the most frequently used at JU.

To ensure that your reader can verify information and become familiar with the subject matter quickly, it is important to provide accurate and consistent citations and references. There are several different citation styles available and which style you should use is decided by your school or supervisor.

At JU, the APA style is the most commonly used, and the university library has created a guide for it:

In the guide, you can find instructions on how to write in-text citations and different types of references.

Manage references with EndNote

Students at JU can access EndNote, a citation management software for collecting and organising references.

To get started with EndNote, you need to create an account and then follow the steps in our guide: EndNote for students.

You can access your references on any computer and share the references with classmates.